Monday, September 8, 2008

I had to rip out the Hooded Alpaca Parka sweater (from Knitting with Balls by Micael del Vecchio). I deviated slightly from the pattern and the project has been hibernating for so long, that I can't remember what my plan was going to be.

The pattern called for starting with (sl1, p2) and ending with (p2, k1) and for some reason, I started and ended with 5 sts. Plus, the pattern called for 5X2 rib on the RS and purl the WS and I had done all rows in 5X2 rib.

I'm still not following the pattern to the letter - I prefer doing all rows in 5X2 rib (instead of purling every-other row). Plus, it calls for sport weight yarn and I'm using Aran weight.

And, for some reason, back in November I posted the following about this project. "This is a slight variation on the Hooded Alpaca Parka pattern from Knitting With Balls (by Michael del Vecchio). It's done in 5X2 rib and the pattern calls for the 2 stitches to be cabled on the right side, but I'm doing it straight." I have no idea why I said the pattern called for cabling - it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

You're crazy. ;)

Kenny said...

And, your point is.......