Monday, August 27, 2007

Here are some recent (and not so recent) knitting projects I've finished.

This scarf is 10 rows of black and 10 rows of dark red from end to end. I scaled the cap down to 5 rows of black and 5 rows of dark red.

For this scarf, I did 5 rows of red; 5 rows of black; 5 rows of red; 10 rows of black; 5 rows of red and 5 rows of black. This was done on just the ends. I am planning on knitting a matching cap.

Here is a skinny cable scarf.

And, a close up of the skinny cable scarf.

This is another iPod cozy. I've done one of these before, except in a blue. It's done with Smile yarn - which I love - and it's pretty quick and easy. The original pattern called for a turned down section at the opening, but I decided to make it straight.

Here's another view of the iPod cozy.

This is a cell phone cozy that's made with the same pattern - needle gauge and stitches - as the iPod cozy, except it's done with a smaller weight yarn.

And, another view of the cell phone cozy.