Saturday, March 21, 2009

And, just in case anyone has been wondering... Yes, I'm still knitting. I finished these two last night. The first is another Shifting Sands, this time done with Reynolds Smile. I only had two balls of it, so the scarf isn't even 5 feet long. The second scarf however, is 12 feet long. The yarn is some hand-spun I got from my friend Jodi, who bought it online. It's a little fuzzy and not easy to knit with and I really couldn't think of anything to use it for. So, I just started knitting a 2x2 rib and kept knitting until I ran out of yarn.


Needles: US 10
Length: 4 ft. 10 in.
Width: 5½ in.


Needles: US 5
Length: 12 feet
Width: 5½ in.