Thursday, February 28, 2008

I think I'm going to try another attempt at the Koolhaas Hat this weekend. This is the yarn I want to use...

A quick pic of Maroon and Black Skull Socks Round 3...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I finished my Stars Scarf. It's done in gartor stitch, so it was really easy. Just something to work on that didn't take a lot of thought. I used Red Heart yarn (I know, I know) in Gold, Hunter Green and Soft White. I did 8 rows of Hunter Green (not counting the cast-on row); 4 rows of Soft White; 6 rows of Gold; 12 rows of Hunter Green; 6 more rows of Gold; 4 more rows of Soft White and then back to Hunter Green for the length of the scarf. Then, at the end, I just reversed the order of the stripes.

This is the Home Game version, and I'm planning to do another with Soft White for the length of the scarf. I'll have to rearrange the color of the stripes though.

Started 01/10/2008 and finished 02/16/2008. It took me a little over a month, but I didn't work on it all the time. This project should have only taken a week at the most.

Monday, February 11, 2008

I finished my second Candle Flame Scarf. I got the pattern from Firebrunette's Free Patterns but I changed the finishing step a little. My modification follows the pics...

In Firebrunette's pattern, she says basically knit two scarves measuring half the desired length of your scarf. Then you kitchener the two halves together. Here's my modification:

41: (sl2, k1, p2sso), *k4 (sl2, k1, p2sso) k4, p2, (YO), p2, repeat from *, ending with (sl2, k1, p2sso)

42: p2to, p8, k2, p3, k2, p8, p2to

43: k3, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k3, p2, k1, (YO), k1, p2, k3, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k3

44: p7, k2, p5, k2, p7

45: k2, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k2, p2, k2, (YO), k2, p2, k2, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k2

46: p5, k2, p7, k2, p5

47: k1, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k1, p2, k3, (YO), k3, p2, k1, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k1

48: p3, k2, p9, k2, p3

49: (sl2, k1, p2sso), p2, k4, (YO), k4, p2, (sl2, k1, p2sso)

50: p1, k2, p11, k2, p1

51: (sl2, k1, p2sso), k4 (sl2, k1, p2sso) k4, (sl2, k1, p2sso)

52: p2to, p7, p2to

53: k3, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k3

54: p7

55: k2, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k2

56: p5

57: k1, (sl2, k1, p2sso), k1

58: p3

59: (sl2, k1, p2sso)

Bind off.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Well, I frogged my Black and Maroon Skull socks - again. I got so frustrated with the bind off. I followed the Stretchy Bind-Off technique but I made the legs too long and they wouldn't fit over my fat calves. This time, I'm going to shorten the legs.