Wednesday, November 29, 2006

(San Francisco, CA)
I finally finished a knitting project - a stocking cap. I don't have a digital camera (I just don't take enough pictures) but I did take some pictures of it with a disposable camera and I'll post them when I get the film developed. I am almost finished with a scarf I've been working on for a few weeks. I was going to use just 3 skeins, but decided to go with 4 - maybe 5 - skeins to make it extra long. 3 skeins would have been fine but I made it a little wider than normal. I had to order more yarn from Simpatico Yarns and I'm just waiting for it to come in.

I've tried to make a few coffee cozies - I found the pattern in Knitting With Balls: A Hands-On Guide to Knitting for the Modern Man by Michael Del Vecchio.

But, I didn't get the gauge right and they've all turned out too big to fit a Starbucks vente hot coffee cup. Although, the second one fits a Ben & Jerry's pint container perfectly and the last one fits a Starbucks vente iced coffee cup.